Tuesday. Yup.

  • I want to blog so badly. I really do. The truth of the matter is nothing of interest is going on around these parts. The child and I are struggling to get over our colds. Husband is home for the holiday. I am looking forward to stuffing my face and wearing a dress to dinner solely because it will free my belly to receive as much food as humanly possible. I had fretted til now that I would have morning sickness to ruin Thanksgiving dinner and now that threat has passed.
  • Want to know another thing that's worrying me? It's weird to be pregnant and not have morning sickness. It's almost like aside from me not having a period, I'm not even pregnant. Thankfully I have an OBGYN appointment on December 9th and I should probably be able to hear the heartbeat by then. I'm definitely not trying to wish morning sickness upon me, however, it's just feels weird to not be sick. Then again, this is only week 9 so maybe it's just not time to be sick yet.
  • I get to see BFF & the Bay Area Peeps on Friday and that should be super awesome. It's crazy that BFF now lives a mere hour's drive away and I haven't seen her for like a month already. What the hell? Who needs to be that busy? We sure don't.
  • We also get to take down Thanksgiving and throw up Christmas decorations this weekend. I just can't wait. But mostly? I can't wait for tomorrow because The Muppets will finally be out and I will finally get a chance to go to the movie theater!

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Welcome back!