Pulled Ova!

When I leave work there is a section of road that gets backed up so I generally accelerate to get around the traffic. Although the Flex is basically a station wagon, it definitely has some get up and go and if I push the accelerator too hard it roars like a lion. I did that last night and thought nothing else of it. I was stopped at a light we have here in town called Five Points for a good three minutes when I noticed a cop car behind me. When the light turned green, he turned on his flashers and pulled me over. I honestly had no idea why as several minutes and at least a mile had lapsed since I went around that backup.
The officer came around the car and I had my license and registration at hand. He asked if I was in a rush. I didn't think so, I replied, just headed to get my son from the sitter. He said I was going pretty fast back there and that he could actually hear me accelerating. I was still pretty oblivious as to what was going on but said "ok." He asked me how I pronounced my name and I replied "Friday?" to which he said "Ah, TGIF Wagon. I get it." Vanity plates. TGIFWGN. Yup. Lots of chit chat from said officer. His final question was "What's up with all the skulls?" referring to the planner in my purse, my sugar skull decal in the window and my sugar skull license plate frame. "I just like them?" I replied confusedly.
After telling me to let the DMV know I had moved, he let me go. No ticket. Just a warning and a request to drive safely. I really have no idea what the heck that was all about but I felt pretty silly as a mom driving a skulled-out station wagon getting pulled over for speeding. All with the car seat in the back... Yeah. I have officially lost my youth.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: There are still some super nice cops out there. And some pretty incredulous mom drivers.

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Coodence said...

slow down, mama!