This photograph is the last picture we have of Kiyah. As you all know, she has not been well as of late. What most of you aren't super aware of is that in June, Kiyah had surgery to remove a tumor the size of a tennis ball that was determined to be stage 3 cancer. Basically, there is no recovering from that sort of thing. I know I came across as cold when talking about treating her, but the reality is, Kiyah was ten years old and putting her through more treatment to delay the inevitable was not an option Husband and I entertained. On Monday, October 31st, we took Kiyah to be euthanized. Words cannot express how hard that was or how much it took out of both Husband and myself but we are comforted in knowing she's no longer in pain. Rather than dwell on her death, I'd like to go down memory lane.
  • The first time I met Kiyah was my first visit down to San Diego to see Husband. That night, I slept on his couch. In the morning I woke up to Kiyah's snout in my face as if she was just waiting for me to open my eyes. It was at that moment that I knew she chose me for herself and for Husband.
  • She came up to Oxnard with Husband the day he proposed. While we were at the ball game in L.A., she dug out of the yard and ran away. That will forever be part of our engagement story.
  • The first week she lived with me, she dug out of our yard and ran away three times.
  • When I was pregnant with Casey on 4th of July, we took her to the beach for fireworks and she buried her snout beneath my belly to hide herself and (I think) to protect the baby.
  • The night I went into labor, Kiyah expressed her disapproval by peeing on her bed.
  • "Iyah" was one of Casey's first words.
  • She went by Sissy, Coyote, Deedee, Judy, Judith, Yoodie, Kadeedee, Kiyah-tay, and so much more.
  • She was a snow dog that loved to run on the beach and swim in the ocean as much as she liked to hike in the mountains and swim in melted snow.
  • Kiyah had a foot fetish that drove her to lick our feet incessantly. She even had a big plastic foot chew toy. And we can't forget her stuffed kitty that she treated like her own baby and "nondenominational" woobie.
  • Whenever I scratched Kiyah's belly, I knew she'd sneeze in my face.
  • She would cuddle me on the bed with her head on the pillow just like a real person.
  • Her groomer, Angel, was a reformed ex-convict.
  • Kiyah was great in the car and never hesitated to go on a drive. Or for a walk for that matter. It was like every time was the first time.
There are so many more memories that I'll never be able to put here. Kiyah has been a part of my life for four years and a part of Husband's life for ten. Casey is only knowing of life without her now for the first time. She was loved like family and will be missed greatly. No matter how many ups and downs we had, Kiyah really was the best dog I could ever ask for and I am so grateful Husband and I got to share her final moments with her before she went on to Doggy Heaven.


Andrea said...

Love you guys.


Ang said...

i am sorry randi.:(

Christine said...

i'm so sorry about deedee, dude. I loved her a lot. xoxo

Gen said...

:( So sorry that you guys had to make that decision but proud that you were able to put Kiyah's well being ahead of anything else.

I loved the list of memories, those will forever be in your heart.

It will be rough but knowing she's not suffering will cushion the loss.

libelletage.com said...

Oh, so sorry for you guys. It's nice that you put all of these memories together.

Coodence said...

Aw, Kiyahte.
I'll miss her big soft face.
And the way she scared my buddy for absolutely no reason, as there was never a more gentle doggie.