Monday Numbers

  • Kiyah turns 10 years old today. If my Grandma Elsie were still alive, she would say that it is Kiyah's Golden Birthday for turning 10 on the 10th.
  • I weigh 210 pounds. Still.
  • My LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides are all about 30 points higher than they should be. Thanks for that information, Dr. T!
  • Today I found a direct deposit from the US Treasury in the amount of $333.33 in my checking account. I had another one on August 22 for $166.67. This is a total of $500 and I have no idea why.
  • Casey took his 1st shower on Sunday and I'm not sure if he knew what to make of it.
  • We spent over $70 at Big Lots this weekend on Halloween decorations.
  • I have 17 games of Words with Friends going. Play me! Friday805


Coodence said...

Three cheers for money from the govt!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to Kiyah!

Free money!?!? Where can I get some of that? Especially from the government. The Republicans are angry at you and your free government money. Watch out!

libelletage.com said...

Um, free money. Awesome.
Cholesterol. Not so much. Eat oatmeal every morning. it helped my husbands. Not that instant crap though.