Mad Hatter Day

Seems like a good day for schnippets since I haven't really cared about the blog this week:
  • Crusty's boda was fantastic. Pictures can be found here.
  • Spanx are super uncomfortable but they get the job done. While I was still a hefty matron, at least my dress zipped up. The lady photographer also told me my boobs looked fantastic.
  • Apparently I'm terribly out of shape and getting old because while I never got a hangover, wearing high heels and dancing the night away has apparently broken my feet. I'm still feeling it and it's like five days later already.
  • Husband turned 37 yesterday. It's a nice feeling that I will always be younger than him (regardless of how old I feel).
  • Words with Friends is my new favorite thing and I have about 15 games going on facebook. If you want to play me, random lurkers, my handle is Friday805.
  • I stinkin' love October. Halloween decorations are already up. Yesterday it rained like a bastard so it totally feels like fall. I'm wearing a sweater. It's just great.

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libelletage.com said...

I love the fall. But it seems like every year goes faster and faster and I can't relax and enjoy it.

It's always good to have great boobs.