Kiyah Update

I was raised differently when it comes to pets than most folks. Some of my closest friends are willing to go deep into debt because they feel it is their responsibility to keep their pet alive and in great condition for as long as humanly possible. I am not one of those people. When Kiyah had to have her tumor removed, I spent the close to $2,000 dollars mostly because I felt super guilty. And she was bleeding all over my house and her body was no longer in one solid piece so we really had to get that taken care of. However, the facts are: Kiyah is ten; Kiyah is a dog; We really don't have that kind of money.
This weekend I noticed something was up because Kiyah stopped begging for food. Another clue was coming home and finding the ham and cheese pieces I'd thrown in the yard in the morning still there in the afternoon. She hasn't really been eating or pooping since I'd say Saturday. Husband called the vet and they wanted to see her and it was going to cost roughly $500 for the visit and tests. No.
We decided to give her some Milk of Magnesia and see if that would help get things moving. There were traces of loose stool in the yard so at least she is no longer all backed up. Last night I hand fed her some more ham and cheese so at least she's eating. And this morning she jumped on the bed to snuggle with me and the boy so I guess she's not in too much pain.
Think good thoughts for her.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I'm just not the pet owning type I guess.


Andrea said...

Sometimes, friends don't agree on things. You already know this.

I'm not gonna be all preachy and bossy and all of that, but you know I have strong feelings on this and so I'm gonna state them.

Dogs don't really reveal the pain they are in until they are in a whole lot of pain, generally speaking. (which is another reason I feel so guilty over Phoebe...if I'd noticed earlier that something was going on, perhaps I could have saved her...)

Not eating and not pooping could be a sign of nothing really major or it could be a huge sign of something major. It's just one of those things. If you have a dog that is a dog that doesn't turn away food ever and then they do? That's a big deal.

Dogs aren't objects. They are living beings like people. They are living beings that people CHOOSE to bring into their lives and as such, they are responsible for. It's not like an iPod that you can drop and then think "oh, well." It's alive. With feelings and loyalty towards us. They have been bred for nothing BUT loyalty towards humans and we should all take that seriously when we choose to have one in our lives.

You know that I went 10k into debt last year to save Phoebe. If I thought for a second she could have survived this time, I would have gone 10k more into debt this year. Because I made the decision to bring a dog into my life.

Much like if I'd decided to bring a child into my life.

And yes, I do put them on the same level. They are both living beings that are 100% dependent on us to take care of them and put their best interests at the front of our minds and hearts.

So, while you didn't choose to bring a dog into your life, you did marry a man who had one. Just like if I marry a man with children, those children would become 100% my responsibility to take seriously. And I would.

She's not a shoe. She's a dog that may be in pain. She may not be. I hope she's not. I do hope it was just a fluke.

I know she's 10 and for a larger breed that is old. But that doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve care. We still treat my Granny's issues and she's in her 80s. ;)

Anyway...that's all. I know we totally disagree on this...

Christine said...

Dude, I'm sorry about Kiyah. I think the best you can do is make sure she's not suffering. I think most animals go thru periods of not eating/not feeling super great. But if they last a long time, then it's a cause for concern. I know with Shadow, we just tried to keep her as comfortable as possible, and sometimes that's not enough. That's when you know it's time to put her out of her misery. It's upsetting, but essential. You can only do so much, especially with limited finances, etc. I know I've not taken Moue to the vet for a couple years now, knowing how much it will cost. Give Kiyah a big hug from me - she's a sweet girl.

libelletage.com said...

I usually debate with my vet. It's easier because I am a nurse. So I say, why do you want kidney function labs if we are looking at a skin wound. And there was on vet who tried to charge us like $50 for some antibiotics that I know cost like $5 for people.

Luckily we found a vet who understands that there are things you can cut out of the visit. And listens to us. She agreed with our decision not to give anti-seizure meds to our dog who has seizures once a month. A lifetime supply of phenolbarbital and a drowsy dog isn't worth it.
It's a tough situation to think about cost. I can see where your friend is coming from, but I know I wouldn't spend $10k on our dog. I wouldn't want them to suffer, and I would want pain meds. But I don't have that kind of money. It's easy to say we shouldn't have gotten our dogs then, but we rescued them from a kill shelter. So I think we did good.