I'm blogging!

The Good
  • Kiyah is eating and pooping again but her eating is picky at best and her poop is not exactly solid.
  • Husband is virile and I am fertile.
The Bad
  • The server went down and so all day long it has been "beeeep ... beeeep ... beeeep"
  • My opponents in Words With Friends don't play fast enough and I hardly play well enough.
The Ugly
  • Casey waking up every morning with a full diaper.
  • Having to use baby wipes on my dog's ass.


Andrea said...

Is Words with Friends via Facebook? If so, I won't waste your time since I'm not really allowed to be on Facebook while at work and it, mostly, sucks on my phone.


fyrchk said...

Dude, I'm sorry. I've been hellaciously busy at work and so can't play as much. I suck. If I promise to get better will you believe me?