Weekend Wrap Up

Friday Night
It's been a couple years since I've had my soon to be 5 year-old nephew over for a sleepover so we decided to do that. His folks dropped him off and he was wearing Skurvy pajamas that he saved just for the sleepover so I put mine on, too, so we could match. He loves the movie Cars so Husband made him "fast car" chicken nuggets. He and Casey played with all of Casey's toys. It was a lot of fun. I consider it practice. He and Husband played Playstation. It was very interesting to hear Ethan talk and recognize him speaking in the same cadence as my brother. It was also kind of hilarious to hear his stories about sharks and how often he called Husband "dude."

Let's just say that 5-year old nephews are loud. He woke up and hit the ground running. He wanted to eat and drink just about anything we had for breakfast. When his mom picked him up he said he had fun until she picked him up because he never wanted to leave. That was sweet to hear. After they left, my folks took me and Husband and Casey to Ojai for lunch. I have to brag that for a one year-old, Casey is so good at restaurants. He just loves to go out. Mom and I shopped for a bit while he played in the park with Dad and Husband. We also cleaned out the rafters to try and get rid of my grandparents' old stuff. I was hoping to find treasure like on American Pickers but all we found were some stinky old Samsonite luggage and some 50-year old Tiki torches in horrible condition. Later that night we bbq'd tri tip and had Kitty over for dinner, many beers and Bridesmaids. Have you seen that movie? Oxnard is in it. And it's hilarious.

We did very little aside from go to Ethan's teeball game at 9 a.m. The marine layer was so thick it was practically raining. Casey got to tire himself out at the park and ended up taking a 2.5 hour nap. We stayed home for the rest of the day and in the afternoon Casey and I took a nap for an hour and a half. Lazy Fridays. I got to watch New Girl and I think it's a very funny show but I'm on the fence if liking it makes me a hipster.

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April said...

I can't wait to see Bridesmaids. I've not heard a single bad thing about it and I'm ready to bust a gut laughing. As for New Girl, I just love Zooey Deschanel and everything she's in. I think she's a fantastic actress and very refreshing. I can't explain what I mean by refreshing. I guess it's what she brings to the screen/tv. She makes you feel like being goofy and fun. Yet she isn't one of those Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey types that makes me want to throw things at the tv. Plus, she's beautiful!

I thought New Girl was cute and different. I'm looking forward to watching more episodes.

I'm glad you got to have a fun sleepover with Ethan. He'll fondly remember those nights when he grows up.