Weekend Recap

  • Friday night we did NOTHING and it was AWESOME. Husband was burning off the grill to make us steaks so there was a plume of smoke rising from the back of the house. A neighbor from across the street actually came over and knocked on the door to check and make sure we weren't being burned alive.
  • Saturday morning we did the annual block-wide yard sale at my folks' compound (a.k.a. gated community). I got to see a couple of my childhood friends' parents. There was a wee thunder shower. I made a whole $25. I got a steal on a gurgle jug. Kind of a funny story. The lady had a tag on it for $30 and I asked if that was really how much she wanted and she said she'd take $15. I asked if she'd take $10 and she met me in the middle at $12 but I walked away. I regretted it later and when I went back the jug was gone. When I asked her about it she said she wasn't going to sell it after all but lots of people had told her what it was and she was going to give it to her son and he'd love it because he loved fish and on and on. I was super sad and made it known. She said she'd call me if she decided to sell it later. I pouted a bit more and told her I'd really like it and that it was still there so it must be a sign I should have it. After a bit of begging, I bought it off her for $20. Nice job, Randi. Could've had it for $12.
  • We skipped the festival I haiku'd about but our friends did come over and we spent $150 on Chinese take out and ate it all like a bunch of pigs and got drunk on Taiwan Beer. Then we played Glee Wii Karaoke and made fools of ourselves. It's fun being around a 5th and 7th grader. Their folks were a blast, too. Oh and Michigan won so Husband was elated.
  • Sunday was dress shopping for Crusty's boda. I found something at Nordstrom's thankfully but let me tell you, no one sells fancy dresses this time of year apparently. What a nightmare of a shopping experience. Luckily the dress was less than $150 and still looks great. I also got a steal on some chucks. $25! Must be my bargain weekend.
  • Krystee came over for a visit. Chargers won. Dodgers lost. I ate a red velvet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and I'm pretty sure it wrecked my stomach. We took a long walk and played at the park. Awesome weekend.


Coodence said...

Chinese food sounds GOOD!!

April said...

I had not heard of a gluggle jug until now. I had to Google that shit. You're funny for wanting one so badly that you pouted until you got it! Cracked me up.

So happy you had a great weekend! You deserved it.