Movie Review Monday

In a move that was quite extraordinary, we finally made it back to the movie theater to watch a film on the big screen. We ended up seeing Drive with Ryan Gosling. I was misled by the trailer because I anticipated an action movie in the vein of Gone in 60 Seconds. The reviews on this movie are golden. The critics are raving about how it's the perfect date movie because it has a romantic angle. The cast is stellar. Truly, this movie should have rocked my socks off. Sadly, it didn't. A lot of that "romance" was long stares between Gosling and the very cute Carey Mulligan with little to no dialogue. We only got to see two car chase scenes and the rest was pretty basic driving. I will say, though, that there are some of the most violent images I have seen on screen in this movie. Ryan Gosling is truly a fantastic actor. He can say so much without saying a word. His subtle expressions and body language make him truly unique in his field. As for the movie itself, Husband noted it's like they pull you in with a smattering of action and violence and just when you're on the edge of your seat, we're back to the scenes of zero dialogue and staring. Meh. I guess it was ok but for my first trip back to the theater, I expected way more. We probably should have gone to see The Warrior.


April said...

I could sit in a theater for 3 hours and watch Ryan Gosling sit in a chair sleeping.

Some friends on FB said this movie was slow with no plot. Another friend loved it. With your review and theirs, I think I'll wait for it to come out on blu-ray.

Coodence said...

I want to see Contagion! EWWW!! I sorta hate Gwenyth, so um perfect!

Andrea said...

I stayed home and watched "RoboCop" and "Die Hard" back to back on Netflix.

I win!