Conclusion of Weight Watching Wednesday

So I quit myfitnesspal.com. I'd like to apologize if I recruited you only to ditch you. I have to say, I lost interest pretty quickly with the whole logging what I eat thing. I think it was an eye-opening experience and it helped to actually see what I was eating and that it was in no way in my calorie range. Then again, I'm not even sure I was calculating my serving sizes properly. Either way, I was eating more than I should. It definitely assisted me in kicking the snack habit. I don't really do that much any more. The workplace candy dish, for the most part, is left alone. I have a couple cups of coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I still aim to only have a beer a night. It's good to have goals.
I also couldn't figure out how to add my exercise on that thing and didn't really put forth too much effort in learning how to do so. No, I don't go on walks. I don't lift weights. I don't participate in an exercise program. However, I do spend most of my evening chasing after Casey or carrying him to and from places he should or shouldn't be. I also am constantly cleaning up at home and constantly running around the office. I don't feel sedentary, per se, but I don't feel particularly active, either. Maybe later, things will be less hectic and I will have a husband that doesn't live in another city for most of the week and I can actually have a fitness program. I guess this is just the way it is for the time being.
Last Sunday, we took the baby and the dog for a long walk to the Coffee Bean about a mile away. We played in the park. I cleaned the house for most of the afternoon. I feel like I accomplished something. Then, I blew it all with too many beers, leftover pizza and chips & dip. I paid for it, too, with some serious heartburn. I guess what it all boils down to is, I weigh what I weigh right now. I can try to move more and eat less but I just can't check in on a website or step on a scale every time I turn around. The best I can do is try to enforce that thing called self-control a little more often and not obsess. Clearly, obsessing is not working for me.


Andrea said...

The logging the food stuff works with my personality. I can't lie to myself about how much I'm eating and all of that stuff. Apparently I'm a huge liar face. But having the site and the diary and the food info just all works and makes sense to me. I'm sorry you didn't like it. I'm sorry I recommended it. I'm sorry I stressed you out! I'm a dipship!

I'm now only 7 pounds away from my goal. Even though my pants are all fitting me way better and I was told I was looking skinny today at work, I'm still all "gotta hit my goal!"

I will say, however, that my calories today were well over my goal. PMS wanted pizza. It got what it wanted. I may also give it some Oreos.

Gen said...

You practically bashed my head in to friend you and then you hightailed it outta there - pffft

I think that as long as you are aware of what you are putting in your mouth and the amount of energy you spend, it doesn't matter where you track it. You're a working mother so you're definitely not "sedentary" by any means!

When the time is right, it will all fall into place and you will find yourself lighter than now. At least, that's what I say to get me through the night ;0

fyrchk said...

Like you, I found that it helped me realize that what I was eating was way over what I should have been eating calorie-wise. I feel like I would use it more if I had it as an app but, don't want them to have all my info that they ask for when you download it. Dilemma!

Good luck to all of us in this "eating better and hopefully keeping extra weight off. I'm kind of slacking because I hurt my back and can't do a whole lot of anything exercise-wise. I've also found that chocolate makes the back pain less hurt-y like.

My goal now is...comment more on the blogs I stalk. :) Maybe it'll keep me outta the kitchen.

Sassy said...

Hahaha..I joined only to not have logged one single fucking thing. It was a good idea..but I don't have access to it during the day at school (and I live in ancient times with my cell phone)..so it was a failure from the start for me.