Busy Week Begins

Today: Work, pick Casey up from Maria's, drop Casey off with his grandparents, get my haircut, pick Casey up, go see Crusty, buy milk, go home.
Tomorrow: Nothing solid on the books other than work but methinks there will be boda-related activities so I am at Crusty's disposal. Also, Husband comes home.
Thursday: Pay day! Work, orientation for Casey's new sitter, go to my dad's retirement dinner.
Friday: Work half day, go to lunch with Crusty (unconfirmed), get our mani/pedi, pick up Casey and Husband, go to rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
Saturday: Be at the bride's disposal and offer to be her shuttle service, be a part of picture taking and wedding festivities, party hearty and get to spend the night at the Pierpont in Ventura.
Sunday: Family party for Husband's birthday which is actually not until next Wednesday but why not tack on a few more things on an already hectic week?

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