Movie Review Monday

A lot of times I don't care what the reviews say because I like a particular actor or premise or director so I will see a critically panned movie because my gut tells me I might like it. And sometimes I do and I laugh and laugh during my repeated viewings while everyone tells me how much they hated said film. On the same premise, sometimes I will listen to the critics and I'll rent the Oscar-nominated film even if I have no desire to watch it and it will suck. Dinner for Schmucks falls into the former category; well the first part at least. The cast is chock full of funny folks so even though, say, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 43%, I gave it a shot. And as we were watching this movie I said to Husband, "I sure hope this movie gets funny soon." A little later he said to me, "So when does this dinner happen?" Toward the end, we both said had we seen this in the theater, we would have gotten up and walked out. Why we sat through the entire DVD, I don't know. Maybe it's because it's the last disc we'll be getting in the mail from Netflix until they figure out their pricing and I felt obligated to? Is that it? My allegiance to Netflix? How two Gods of comedy like Paul Rudd and Steve Carell could have signed on to this adaptation of a supposedly well-received French film (Le Dîner de Cons) and the result was this pile of garbage... well I'll never know. They're both lucky they have Anchorman to make up for it. Lucky, I say.

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