Monday Schnippets.

  • Went to the fair on Friday. Didn't go last year because I was too hugely pregnant. This time we brought the baby. We learned that he does not like livestock but he loves sugar in the form of tiny donuts.
  • Learned that wine drunk makes me Randy Randi and beer drunk makes me Crying Randi.
  • Went to a party on Saturday night on the top of the hills in Ventura, the very same place where I used to do cotillion in grade school!
  • Cleaned the house from top to bottom in preparation for Casey's 1st birthday party this weekend and today my arms are so sore I can hardly lift them to answer my work phone.
  • Spent a small fortune on buying decorations for said party on Saturday. I will not be buying my child a birthday present. I wonder if 20 years from now he'll resent that. Food and drinks have yet to be boughten. Yowzas.
  • Got home at lunch today to find that Husband now has a buzz cut. We have our first family portrait scheduled for this Sunday. I'm contemplating shaving my head on Saturday so the two of us can look like a couple of dykes with our curly headed baby boy on our laps. Le sigh.


April said...

That last Snippet? FUCKING FUNNY! I'm still laughing out loud.

Wine drunk makes me hot and mean. And by hot, I mean temperature hot, not horny hot.

April said...


libelletage.com said...

Wow. A year. That's crazy. So fast.