Happy 1st Birthday, Casey

I realized I never told my labor story so I thought today, on the anniversary of Casey's birth, I would share it here. On the morning of Monday August 23rd, I had a checkup with my OBGYN and had expected to hear I was dilated. He said nothing was happening and I have to admit I was mighty disappointed. Apparently he sensed this because he said he was going to stimulate my cervix and went about elbow deep into me and poked around in there. Can you say "Ouch!"? Dr. Cole told us to return just after lunch and he would check on me again.
When we returned, he said there was some softening of the cervix but he said he'd see me next Thursday for a follow up. In other words, don't expect to be having a baby any time soon. Mind you, at this point I'd been on maternity leave for a week already because I was gigantic and I was getting pretty stir crazy. Husband and I went home and I took a long nap on the couch. He was starting to heat up leftover ribs and preparing to make some corn on the cob. At around 5 pm, I was bouncing on a yoga ball and checking the computer when all of a sudden I heard a popping sound.
That popping sound was not the yoga ball; it was my water breaking. I instantly went into this sort of out-of-body zen mode and walked to the restroom to clean up and change into dry pants. We thought we'd have to wait it out and count between contractions but I went into rapid contractions almost immediately so it was off to the hospital with us.
Contractions did not feel good at all. They were like menstrual cramps on crack. We checked in downstairs and it was up to be evaluated. The nurse had the nerve to say "We have to make sure you are really in labor" even though I was contracting all over the place. It turns out I went from slightly dilated to zero cervix in the time I was being evaluated so they checked me into my delivery room and gave me my epidural in record time. Husband, my folks and my brother and sister-in-law were all hanging out with me. By this time it was probably around 7pm or so and nothing was going on.
At around 9, the nurse had me start pushing. Curtis and Frances had long ago gone home. The epidural really prevented me from feeling anything so I imagined what pushing felt like. My "pushing" really wasn't getting the baby moving and after a while the doctor came in and asked me if I was trying to give the monitoring staff a heart attack. I had no idea what he was talking about but apparently every time I pushed, the baby's heart rate fell. He said I had to stop pushing and rest otherwise they were going to have to consider doing a c-section. It was at this point I took a nap. In the middle of my labor. Snores and all.
We decided to start pushing again at 1 a.m. Again, the epidural kept me from feeling anything at all so I really just visualized what I was supposed to be doing. Mom had one leg and Husband had the other. I faux-pushed for a half an hour and Casey Douglas Friday was born into the world at 1:37 a.m. on Tuesday, August 24th. The second they put him on my chest, he took a shit on me. Fecal matter would even stay on my wrist band for a while to come. He weighed 8.1 pounds and was 21.5" long. They kept having to check his blood for some reason or another by poking his itty bitty little foot and that made me super sad because I doubt that was the thing he wanted to feel upon first arrival into this crazy world of ours. All I wanted to was to hold him and never let him go.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: You may forget the pain of labor but you never forget the fruits of it. On my first anniversary as a mother I can honestly say I was incomplete before my son came into my world. At the risk of sounding too Jerry Maguire, Casey completes me.


Coodence said...

I love it!

Hung said...

Happy B-Day Casey- and Congrats to Momma and Pappa!

Andrea said...

I don't think I'd take anybody who shit on me home.