The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good
  • My period did actually come last night even though it should have been here yesterday morning. That means I'm not pregnant. Holler.
  • Crusty arrived safely on California soil so we get to kick it.
  • A co-worker returned the $50 bill that fell out of my pocket this morning.
  • It's my niece Leigha's birthday and National Banana Split Day.
The Bad
  • I'm not feeling super prepared for Crusty's shower on Saturday.
  • Casey is sick.
  • Seeing Andrea had a case of the sadz.
  • Husband is out of cell phone range (and away from home) until Friday.
The Ugly
  • Casey being sick is gross. Lots of snot and coughing. He also vomited because he was crying so hard last night. It got everywhere, even on me. I stripped him down and had him stand by the bath while it was running and he peed on my foot.
  • The goddamn fruit flies in my house thanks to a plum tree in my yard that drops plums like whores drop them panties. No matter how often I pick up dog poop and plum droppings, the flies remain.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Awww...you gave my sadz a shoutout. That's love right there.