The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good
  • All that's left to buy for Casey's 1st Birthday is food!
  • I got two more "yes" RSVPs for the shower.
  • My wee family now has some nice outfits for our 1st family portrait on Sunday.
  • It's Pay Day.
  • Cindita's ability to give good perspective.
  • Finding out I had rewards points I didn't know about and getting a diploma frame for the price of shipping and handling.
  • Marking items off the task list
The Bad
  • Debt
  • For some reason flies are swarming my house like it's Amityville.
  • Work is slower than cold molasses making for long days.
The Ugly
  • My jeans basically disintegrated yesterday due to excessive thigh chafing. And maybe age. But I think it's the former.
  • Buying size 16 jeans and not being pregnant.
  • FAT
I feel it is my responsibility to go back and remark on yesterday's post that was brought to you by the letters P, M and S.
First, I would like to say it is my privilege to be Crusty's Matron and in no way is throwing her a shower a burden or inconvenience. As a former event planner, the RSVP process is simply the bane of my existence.
Secondly, I am in no way mad at my brother for not attending my son's birthday party. I guess I'm disappointed that he suffers from memory loss but it's fine. He should go to the concert. I, personally, would just never get away with doing something like that. That's all.
Finally, I think I am realizing that mama needs a little bit more "me" time. Sometimes, being the task master in the world of household chores gets tiresome. I don't want to become that wife that barks orders at her husband. I just want shit done. That's all. I think if I had "me" time, I'd be able to decompress. I don't always want to have to be "wife" or "mother" or "daughter" or "sister" or "granddaughter." Sometimes, I just want to be Randi. Not Randi the dog-walker. Just Randi. Headphones on. Taking a long walk. Zoning out. Finding my Zen. I miss my Zen.

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Christine said...

You'll always be my matron xoxo. I definitely agree you need "me" time - but I usually need to schedule mine, just to make sure I get it in. Also, if the flies invading your house are fruit flies (tiny, brown, with red eyes), try this trick. Fill any container with a wide mouth (mug, plastic container, anything) with a solution of mostly water, a dash of cider vinegar and a drop of dishsoap. Cut a small hole or two in a piece of paper. Tape the paper to top of the container. The flies will be attracted to the vinegar scent, will enter the container and will be unable to escape. The soap in the water changes the surface tension, basically drowning them. Nifty, eh?