Casey Tuesday

Hello and welcome to the final installation of Casey Tuesday. He is 52 weeks old today. Today marks the first time I can not refer to him as any months old because tomorrow he will be a one-year old. I will not call him "12 months." That's just silly. The photo above was taken at his birthday party this past Saturday. It was right before he burst into tears when everyone sang happy birthday to him. It was also right before he dove into that cake and was covered in blue frosting. Of all the colors, I'd have to say blue stains the skin quite nicely. My wee smurf.
He was spoiled with so many nice things and so many people came over to celebrate the anniversary of his birth. We're so grateful for everyone who attended and everything he received. He was nice enough to take a nap while the adults ate their food and woke up just in time for cake. Opening gifts really was of no interest to him so he allowed his cousins Amari and Ethan to do that for him. In the middle of the chaos, he grabbed his harmonica and sat on Grandpa Dough's lap. Silly goose.
I'm pretty sure Casey is teething again otherwise he is re-entering the newborn stages of sleep. He wakes often and cries frequently. I'm not a fan. What I am a fan of is that he seems to be interested in Handy Manny, a Disney show that comes on at 6 a.m. He actually watches that show so I can lie in bed and not have to jump right up to entertain him. This is like the first program ever to capture his interest aside from the movie Cars. My boy is going to be a Disney fan just like his mama and that feels real good.
I decided I would stop the weekly Casey updates in the same way that BFF doesn't want to refer to her daughter as x-months old. I feel like you saw him through the fetal process and you've seen him through a year and that ought to do. I'll still bring him up when he does something interesting but I am not interested in making this a mommy blog.
And on that note, I will leave you with a link to our first family portraits and Casey's final installation of his monthly JC Penney Portraits. Twelve photo sessions in as many months, I'm surprised he's not throwing the Zoolander Blue Steel by now. Enjoy!


April said...

I am being 100% honest when I say that there wasn't a single picture that was bad. Every one was just awesome. I'm truly impressed. You have one good looking family there, Randi!

Glad his party went well.

Andrea said...

Thank goodness, I don't want to spend my time readin' no mommy blog.


mackey said...

What an adorable boy you have there!!!!! His hair is DELICIOUS!!!!! =)