Casey Tuesday

Casey is 49 weeks old today. It is the second week of his eleventh month. His new favorite thing to do is grind his teeth and it makes me want to throw him out the window. He also loves to point his fingers when you are carrying him around like he's some sort of dictator. As far as walking goes, he's not gotten much further than taking about 4 steps at a time and falling on his butt. My Gran says it's because "he's got a heavy ass." God bless her and her 86-year old wisdom. This past weekend Casey and Sasha got to play again. He took his very first trip to Los Angeles to visit BFF and Babe in Culver City. It sure is nice having another baby close to his age within driving distance. I hope they grow up to love one another but right now they're still trying to figure each other out. Today's picture was taken while Mama was driving him to see Maria in the "new" Ford Flex. It rides a lot higher than Vehicular so he likes to look out the window and tell me stories about what he sees. He's laughing because I get in the car and laugh like one of those terrifyingly demented circus clowns and he thinks it's the funniest thing ever. Love my little Capood.

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