Bridal Shower On A Budget

  • Crusty's bridal shower went off without a hitch. I had an "afternoon tea" theme and chose the colors tangerine and pink.
  • Oprah provided the sandwich recipe. I didn't use the tarragon in the egg sandwiches and no one seemed to care or notice. I also didn't carefully garnish my sandwiches with the parsley and toasted sesame seeds (because who has the time?) so I just sprinkled some over the finished product. These were super delicious and although I don't care much for Oprah, I learned that bitch knows a thing or two.
  • I didn't serve alcoholic beverages during snack time because it was a tea so I had tea put out, but you can't have a shower without some booze. I decided to do a toast with a champagne cocktail. The recipe is easy enough: 1 sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne glass, enough Chambord to drown said cube, then fill the glass with champagne (sparkling white wine for you people that insist on proper terminology). It was a hit with everyone in attendance so Andrea can save it telling me no champagne is delicious.
  • Crusty's mom provided the cookies, lemon bars and shortbread. My mom provided the bacon and swiss quiche with fried onion rings. Husband provided even more traditional tea cookies from Cost Plus World Market. Nothing wrong with asking a couple peeps to chip in.
  • I recommend the website Beau-Coup for favors as they had a wide selection and my order was processed with the quickness. Since we were having a tea, I went with small tin canisters with green tea leaves inside. Made some personalized stickers and voila! A usable and adorable take-away. This was probably the biggest expense of the shower.
  • At the risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, I try to make use of things I have at home so I don't have to spend too much extra money. For the centerpieces, I used some collectible tea cup sets my Gran left me and filled them with some brightly colored flowers. They didn't break the bank and looked really cute on the table.
  • Nothing adds a little bit of color for not a lot of money like balloons and crepe paper.
  • If you really want to get the crowd riled up, tell 'em it's time for games. I chose two but decided to skip the "make a dress out of toilet paper" tradition. The first game I wrote the names of 30 couples and they had to answer what TV show they were on. It was timed. Timed things make people mad. The other game was a word scramble using wedding associated words. Apparently the ladies wanted these words to be naughty. Lesson learned for the next shower.
  • Pictures can be seen here.


Andrea said...

There is no delicious champagne. Those ladies were being nice to you.


Christine said...

Everything was PERFECT! I loved every minute of it. Although, apparently "panties" in the word search may have been a hit :)

April said...

Wow! Great job. You're such a good friend.

Coodence said...

Sounds perfect!!