Movie Review Monday

I've not really been on the best Netflix streak. Since they raised the prices, we're going to stop getting DVDs for a while and we'll be stuck with the sucky streaming library so I guess my Movie Reviews are going to be fewer and farther in between. Yesterday we watched Cedar Rapids. Husband described it as The Hangover meets the Midwest. Only The Hangover was funny. Basically, Ed Helms plays a naive insurance salesman who hasn't really ventured out of the security blanket that is his home town. As a matter of fact, he's sleeping with a teacher he had in junior high and he can still remember the birds that she taught about in her classroom. His insurance company sends him to this convention out of town where he meets some ne'er do wells and his life gets flipped upside down. This was super far fetched. He meets a hooker, "sucks the glass dick" and parties like a rockstar. Somehow, he also loses his integrity and manages to get it back. The cast is a group of well known comedic actors so I expected a little more. Oh well. That's all I got.

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Coodence said...

Sounds rough, ho.