Movie Review Monday

There are many movies that come out that I would like to see in the theater but the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was one that I HAD to see in the theater. BFF & Company were here this weekend so we made a deal that we'd watch the kids while they saw the movie if they did the same for us. So on Sunday that is what we did and it was magical. This movie was dark and scary; humorous and touching; entertaining and adventurous. I loved every moment of it and was often on the edge of my seat in anticipation or recoiled in horror at some of the special effects. I was telling BFF afterward that the whole magic genre never appealed to me before now. Harry Potter doesn't seem so much like make-believe but rather a very real possibility. JK Rowling created a mysterious and wonderful world and the good people that made the movies honored her well by making amazing movies that not only stayed true to the books, but brought them to life in a way that before now I thought was impossible with cinematic adaptations of literature.

And what goes up must come down. We started the day with HP7 Part II and ended it with Spring Breakdown on DVD. How did we end up with a virtually unheard of movie from 2009 on our Netflix? Well, sometimes I make the mistake of listening to other people. There's a pretty random movie with a cult following out there that is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary by the name of Wet Hot American Summer. Entertainment Weekly did a write-up about it and a reader sent in a response singing the unsung praises of an underrated little ditty named Spring Breakdown. About the only things these two movies have in common is a surprisingly large cast of well-known actors. While WHAS is quirky and random and sort of hilarious, SB plays more like an SNL skit that simply goes on for too long. It's too bad. I really love Amy Poehler thanks to Parks and Recreation and Parker Posey is usually such a sure thing. I mean, even Rachel Dratch has had moments of glory on on SNL and 30 Rock... Bah. I'd say rent WHAS instead.


Andrea said...

I loved Harry Potter. Loved it. I loved it so much I'm likely going to read the book again quite soon.

libelletage said...

I sat in a line for like 8 hours with my kid to watch that movie. And I would do it again to make her that happy. It was fun.