Monday Movie Review

The DVD for the Oscar-nominated A Single Man has been with us since we moved to the house and I finally got a chance to watch it. Casey woke me up at 5:30 on Saturday morning so I thought I would throw it in while Husband was still asleep. You see, I sort of had a hunch that this might be the gayest movie I ever saw. While Husband loves the gays, I wasn't sure if this movie would be up his alley. It was produced and directed and adapted for the screen by Tom Ford who just so happens to be a gay fashion designer. It is about a gay man (Colin Firth) living in 1960s Los Angeles who is mourning the loss of his long-term lover. He has basically decided that he is going to commit suicide and the movie follows him on his day. We see gorgeous clothing and gorgeous cars and a gorgeous home and we get to watch George get hit on by gorgeous men while he teaches his college course in his gorgeous British accent. This movie is essentially eye candy in the flavor of Mad Men and is so gay I'm surprised it wasn't awash in rainbows. It's quite melancholy and is riddled with flashbacks to happier days. Julianne Moore is also in this movie and plays his friend but she's really hardly in it so I'm not sure why she's prominently featured on the poster. Either way. I suppose if we were to take away something from this movie it would be to live in the present because the past can't be repeated and who knows what the future holds. All I know is I was drooling over the Spaniard named Carlos who hits on Firth's character and Husband told Casey not to interrupt mom's "Spanish Lullabye. Her La Isla Bonita."

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