Casey Tuesday

Casey is 47 weeks old today. It is the fourth week of his tenth month. This past week he started taking his first steps but he is still a ways from walking. We had the pleasure of having BFF, her husband and her daughter Sasha over for the weekend. Sasha is 8 weeks older than Casey and they played all weekend long. Their shared baths took me back to when Crusty and I were kids. It was also a little bit of baby Thunderdome. Casey was more partial to hair pulling while Sasha depended on some face smack-downs. It was hilarious. I'm glad that even though Casey is not around other babies often that he still knows how to interact with them. It was hilarious seeing them focus on one toy that both of them had to have at that very moment even though they were literally surrounded by an entire room's worth of toys. The two of them together gave me a peek into what it would be like to have twins (God bless you, mothers of multiples!) or even just a sibling for Casey. It's hard to fathom but I think it will be awesome. I'm finding it hard to believe that Casey will be a year old a month from Sunday. Where did the time go?

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Sassy said...

Happy 47 weeks kiddo!
Time does fly!
Love that picture!