Casey Tuesday

Casey is 46 weeks old today. It is the third week of his tenth month. Lately he has been doing a lot of pulling himself up to a standing position and has been able to maintain said position hands-free for seconds at a time. This weekend he took 2 unassisted steps and promptly fell on his pampered bottom. He can use his sippy cup almost entirely independent of my assistance these days. He seems to take great pleasure in putting his hand in his mouth when it is full of food and playing with it. I'm not a fan, especially after he threw oatmeal at my chest. No thanks. His goal in life is to follow Kiyah around to eventually climb on her but she is wise to his tricks and walks away the second she sees him coming. His hair got to be completely outrageous so he went for his third haircut on Saturday. He still has only the four teeth in the front and seems to be grinding them a lot lately. Not a fan of that either. I am a fan of his kisses though. And I find it hilarious that he is constantly trying to bite my toes and my feet even though it's simultaneously slightly revolting. He "talks" constantly and makes me laugh harder than anyone in the whole world. I love being this kid's mom.

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