Casey Tuesday

Casey is 45 weeks old today. It is still somehow the second week of his 10th month. That picture to your left is what he does whenever a visitor leaves the house. This morning I had to go out into the yard to get something and I could hear him crying from the other side of the door. I was literally out there for 30 seconds. He's so sensitive. Yesterday we confirmed that my dad is his favorite person in the family. Grandpa carries him around quietly and asks nothing of the boy. When I try to take Casey from his arms to give Grandpa a break, he turns away from me and hugs Grandpa's neck. If Grandpa puts him down, he refuses to let go. It's super cute. This past weekend he went in the big pool on Saturday for the first time and on Sunday and Monday he got to play in the plastic backyard pool. He had a great time splashing and getting in and out of the backyard pool. He's a busy little fella. Never a moment's rest... which is awesome especially when he decides to start our weekend days together at 5 a.m. Yowzas. Also? Casey is officially sleeping in his crib now. Just like a big boy.

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