Happy Birthday Andrea Haiku Friday

Happy birthday, Friend!
Andrea is thirty-nine
She sure wears it well
Met her on Blogger
Just like I met my hubby
Keepers are found here
A nice way to say
"Ciao" to the month of July
August, be good, k?


Thankful Thursday

I'm going to mix it up a little bit here and make today about things I'm stoked for:
  • having a car that is paid off
  • Kiyah is recovering well from her surgery
  • raises are in my husband and my future
  • we have a house and 2 running cars
  • we have food in our cupboards, clothes on our back and money in the bank
  • we are both employed
  • our son is healthy and happy and smart
  • Husband has been in Oxnard more than San Diego lately
  • BFF lives in LA now
  • having good friends that keep inviting us to parties we can't seem to make


This Little Blog o'Mine

... I'm gonna let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

So I used to have kind of a format that I'd come here and do. I'd movie review on Monday, Casey Tuesday, Moral of the Story hump day, Thursday was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and on Friday I'd Haiku. I grow weary of it though. I grow a bit weary of blogging. Just recently I started a Twitter profile (Friday805 if you care) but I don't really "tweet" anything and I'm already sort of bored reading other tweets. Then I somehow fell into Google+ and have already quit because apparently my circles are too small and I find it really lame. I still like Facebook but I equate that to some sort of crack addiction so I can't even lump it into the ramblings here. Basically, I'm thinking of quitting the blog. I don't know when or how but ... well ... in a word ... "meh." I'm glad to have met so many wonderful people here and to have shared so many memories but I've got you all on Facebook and Gmail chat now anyway. Or maybe this is my period talking. We'll see.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table, there'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done. - Kenny Rogers


Casey Tuesday by Numbers

Casey is 48 weeks old today.

It is the 1st week of his 11th month.

On Monday, I sent out 19 invitations for his 1st birthday party which is less than 1 month away!

If everyone shows up there will be at least 46 people at our house that day.

It's scheduled for Saturday the 20th of August at 1 pm.

He can take about 2-3 steps at a time but gets scared and plops on his butt.

He can no longer fit in his 9-month clothing but 12-month fits just right.

He had his 1st M&M this weekend and demanded more until I stopped at about 10. I can't resist a crying baby that points at my candy. Or my ice cream for that matter.

His 11-month JC Penny portraits can be found here.


Movie Review Monday

I've not really been on the best Netflix streak. Since they raised the prices, we're going to stop getting DVDs for a while and we'll be stuck with the sucky streaming library so I guess my Movie Reviews are going to be fewer and farther in between. Yesterday we watched Cedar Rapids. Husband described it as The Hangover meets the Midwest. Only The Hangover was funny. Basically, Ed Helms plays a naive insurance salesman who hasn't really ventured out of the security blanket that is his home town. As a matter of fact, he's sleeping with a teacher he had in junior high and he can still remember the birds that she taught about in her classroom. His insurance company sends him to this convention out of town where he meets some ne'er do wells and his life gets flipped upside down. This was super far fetched. He meets a hooker, "sucks the glass dick" and parties like a rockstar. Somehow, he also loses his integrity and manages to get it back. The cast is a group of well known comedic actors so I expected a little more. Oh well. That's all I got.


I Owe, I Owe Haiku Friday

Tired of being poor
Overworked and underpaid
Budget manager
Spend way too much time
Balancing the checkbook and
Crunching the numbers
It could be much worse
In these economic times
I'm still complaining


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
  • Maria's feeling better so I didn't have to take another day off to play stay-at-home mom with Casey.
  • Husband was home all but one night this week.
  • It's pay day.
The Bad
  • Finding out at 6:30 a.m. that I agreed 2 weeks ago to have company over for dinner tonight and then forgetting all about it.
  • Looking at bill due dates so I can see how long I can put them off without paying them.
  • Gran might be losing her mind a little bit more than what I consider entertaining.
The Ugly
  • Casey's meltdown on Tuesday night after he hurt his toe at Great-Grandma's
  • Kiyah's tumor was stage three cancer. That's the worst kind.
  • My PMS lately. Lord have mercy!


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 47 weeks old today. It is the fourth week of his tenth month. This past week he started taking his first steps but he is still a ways from walking. We had the pleasure of having BFF, her husband and her daughter Sasha over for the weekend. Sasha is 8 weeks older than Casey and they played all weekend long. Their shared baths took me back to when Crusty and I were kids. It was also a little bit of baby Thunderdome. Casey was more partial to hair pulling while Sasha depended on some face smack-downs. It was hilarious. I'm glad that even though Casey is not around other babies often that he still knows how to interact with them. It was hilarious seeing them focus on one toy that both of them had to have at that very moment even though they were literally surrounded by an entire room's worth of toys. The two of them together gave me a peek into what it would be like to have twins (God bless you, mothers of multiples!) or even just a sibling for Casey. It's hard to fathom but I think it will be awesome. I'm finding it hard to believe that Casey will be a year old a month from Sunday. Where did the time go?


Movie Review Monday

There are many movies that come out that I would like to see in the theater but the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was one that I HAD to see in the theater. BFF & Company were here this weekend so we made a deal that we'd watch the kids while they saw the movie if they did the same for us. So on Sunday that is what we did and it was magical. This movie was dark and scary; humorous and touching; entertaining and adventurous. I loved every moment of it and was often on the edge of my seat in anticipation or recoiled in horror at some of the special effects. I was telling BFF afterward that the whole magic genre never appealed to me before now. Harry Potter doesn't seem so much like make-believe but rather a very real possibility. JK Rowling created a mysterious and wonderful world and the good people that made the movies honored her well by making amazing movies that not only stayed true to the books, but brought them to life in a way that before now I thought was impossible with cinematic adaptations of literature.

And what goes up must come down. We started the day with HP7 Part II and ended it with Spring Breakdown on DVD. How did we end up with a virtually unheard of movie from 2009 on our Netflix? Well, sometimes I make the mistake of listening to other people. There's a pretty random movie with a cult following out there that is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary by the name of Wet Hot American Summer. Entertainment Weekly did a write-up about it and a reader sent in a response singing the unsung praises of an underrated little ditty named Spring Breakdown. About the only things these two movies have in common is a surprisingly large cast of well-known actors. While WHAS is quirky and random and sort of hilarious, SB plays more like an SNL skit that simply goes on for too long. It's too bad. I really love Amy Poehler thanks to Parks and Recreation and Parker Posey is usually such a sure thing. I mean, even Rachel Dratch has had moments of glory on on SNL and 30 Rock... Bah. I'd say rent WHAS instead.


Carmageddon Haiku Friday

Start with a blood draw
Dad's computer is burning
"Randi, help me please!"
Kiyah's surgery
Was postponed until today
Incessant worry
Tickle in my throat
Can't tell if I'm getting sick
Enough already!


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good
  • BFF & Co. are coming for a visit tomorrow
  • Husband is home until Tuesday
  • I'm getting a refund and a rebate in the mail soon
The Bad
  • Kiyah is having her tumor removed tomorrow $$$
  • Casey took his first steps so it is all over for us
  • Carmageddon
The Ugly
  • Bloody malignant tumors
  • Poopy diapers
  • My desperately in need of a mani/pedi ass.


It's Not A Tumor (But It Is)

June was sort of a kick in the butt for my family. We moved so there was all that drama with the old landlords and fighting to get our deposit back. Then there was all the actual moving. Then my grandpa died the day we moved into his old house. When July came along, I asked it to be kind. Turns out, July doesn't want to play nice either. I won't go into too much detail but basically we're in debt again (though not nearly as bad as we were) and it looks like we're only going to get in deeper because my dog was diagnosed with cancer last night.
Kiyah is 10 years old but has only been "my dog" for 3 of those years. I inherited her after Husband and I got engaged and she came to live with me. She's not exactly young but she can run with the best of them and still acts like a puppy. She has a tumor behind her left arm that burst and so now it is just a big old bloody mess. I get to change her bandages and be her nurse. Tomorrow, she'll go in for a pricey surgery that may or may not get all the cancer out of her. Hopefully, this will be the end of it and she'll go on to live a few more good years.
I think under any other circumstances, I'd be more prone to putting her down than paying for this surgery solely based on money alone. I think losing my grandpa made me softer. Now, I think "Well, she still plays fetch like her life depends on it so ... " I guess I'm taking into consideration her quality of life. I know she has a few years left in her and it would be totally wrong of me to put her to sleep when she's in otherwise good condition. Her blood work came back good and she's in good shape, it's just this goddamn tumor.
I'm not one of those animal lovers that calls her dog her baby. My son is my baby. The dog is a dog. I feed her, give her water and make sure she has shelter and is groomed frequently. She does very little to repay me aside from ruin my stuff (sort of like my son and my husband only in furry form). I love her, don't get me wrong, but she is a dog. We take walks together and we play and snuggle, but she's still JUST A PET. However, I would be and will be sad when she is no longer part of our family.
I'm not sure where I am going with this post other than thinking aloud that this big ass doozy of a cancer diagnosis had better be all the fun July has left up its sleeve or I'm going to be pissed.
Say a prayer for my dog.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: You enter into a certain amount of madness when you marry a person with pets. ~Nora Ephron


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 46 weeks old today. It is the third week of his tenth month. Lately he has been doing a lot of pulling himself up to a standing position and has been able to maintain said position hands-free for seconds at a time. This weekend he took 2 unassisted steps and promptly fell on his pampered bottom. He can use his sippy cup almost entirely independent of my assistance these days. He seems to take great pleasure in putting his hand in his mouth when it is full of food and playing with it. I'm not a fan, especially after he threw oatmeal at my chest. No thanks. His goal in life is to follow Kiyah around to eventually climb on her but she is wise to his tricks and walks away the second she sees him coming. His hair got to be completely outrageous so he went for his third haircut on Saturday. He still has only the four teeth in the front and seems to be grinding them a lot lately. Not a fan of that either. I am a fan of his kisses though. And I find it hilarious that he is constantly trying to bite my toes and my feet even though it's simultaneously slightly revolting. He "talks" constantly and makes me laugh harder than anyone in the whole world. I love being this kid's mom.


Monday Movie Review

The DVD for the Oscar-nominated A Single Man has been with us since we moved to the house and I finally got a chance to watch it. Casey woke me up at 5:30 on Saturday morning so I thought I would throw it in while Husband was still asleep. You see, I sort of had a hunch that this might be the gayest movie I ever saw. While Husband loves the gays, I wasn't sure if this movie would be up his alley. It was produced and directed and adapted for the screen by Tom Ford who just so happens to be a gay fashion designer. It is about a gay man (Colin Firth) living in 1960s Los Angeles who is mourning the loss of his long-term lover. He has basically decided that he is going to commit suicide and the movie follows him on his day. We see gorgeous clothing and gorgeous cars and a gorgeous home and we get to watch George get hit on by gorgeous men while he teaches his college course in his gorgeous British accent. This movie is essentially eye candy in the flavor of Mad Men and is so gay I'm surprised it wasn't awash in rainbows. It's quite melancholy and is riddled with flashbacks to happier days. Julianne Moore is also in this movie and plays his friend but she's really hardly in it so I'm not sure why she's prominently featured on the poster. Either way. I suppose if we were to take away something from this movie it would be to live in the present because the past can't be repeated and who knows what the future holds. All I know is I was drooling over the Spaniard named Carlos who hits on Firth's character and Husband told Casey not to interrupt mom's "Spanish Lullabye. Her La Isla Bonita."


Haiku Friday

I weigh two-oh-five
Hasn't changed in four whole months
The doctor told me
Mom said "that's not good"
"Have to lose that baby weight"
Weighed this much pre-kid
She sounded surprised
"You must have hid it better"
I guess that means FAT


The Good
  • Nutella
  • My parents celebrating their 42nd wedding anniversary
  • BFF living in CA
The Bad
  • Gran isn't adapting well to life outside the hospital
  • My baby's stroller dented my brother's truck
  • Owing people money
The Ugly
  • Humidity, heat and/or this "weather" in the 805
  • This whole Casey Anthony Mess
  • That my arms sort of rest on my belly while I type at my desk.


Casey Tuesday

Casey is 45 weeks old today. It is still somehow the second week of his 10th month. That picture to your left is what he does whenever a visitor leaves the house. This morning I had to go out into the yard to get something and I could hear him crying from the other side of the door. I was literally out there for 30 seconds. He's so sensitive. Yesterday we confirmed that my dad is his favorite person in the family. Grandpa carries him around quietly and asks nothing of the boy. When I try to take Casey from his arms to give Grandpa a break, he turns away from me and hugs Grandpa's neck. If Grandpa puts him down, he refuses to let go. It's super cute. This past weekend he went in the big pool on Saturday for the first time and on Sunday and Monday he got to play in the plastic backyard pool. He had a great time splashing and getting in and out of the backyard pool. He's a busy little fella. Never a moment's rest... which is awesome especially when he decides to start our weekend days together at 5 a.m. Yowzas. Also? Casey is officially sleeping in his crib now. Just like a big boy.


Big Day Haiku Friday

It's a big day y'all
BFF and Company
Back on the left coast
It's Bossman's birthday
My other boss's anny
And Canada Day
June, glad you're outtie
You were a rough month for me
July? Be cool. Deal?