Moving Right Along

So very busy! My goodness. I spend every free second moving or packing or unpacking or hanging pictures or cleaning. It's a very exciting time. Every moment I spend in the apartment seems like punishment. I want to be in our house already. We're really making a dent in this whole moving thing. The only things left to do are pack up the kitchen and our bedrooms and get it on over to the NEW HOUSE. The rest of it is just the heavy stuff that I will leave to the manly men for Friday while I toil away, not breaking a sweat at my desk. Ha!
On another note, we inherited a Kirby vacuum cleaner. Have you heard of these? They are heavy duty sons of bitches but I'm convinced you can suck the color off the carpet with them. They have totally changed the way I feel about vacuuming. I am pretty sure I'm able to suction up the particles beneath the foam of the carpet. I'm not exaggerating. I guess these things sell for almost a grand a piece. Friends, if you are paying that kind of money for a vacuum, you take your cleaning very seriously. It is not a joke.
So yeah, that sums up my life. Cleaning, packing, moving, unpacking. It's a jolly good time if you have it. Time that is.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: "Don't count every hour of the day, make every hour in the day count."

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Lurker Girl said...

When I was first married--22 years ago, my Auntie was moving into an apartment from her house and said she didn't need such a "heavy duty" vacuum anymore and gave me her old Kirby--we are talking a 1970's ugly ass green moster of a vacuum. I hated it with a passion..until I used it--that monster could pick up the lint from the condo below me thru the floor--such power! and that thing was OLD--I got married in '89 so that thing had 20 years on it already. I used that thing for almost 10 years before I decided that I needed something "pretty" for my NEW HOUSE--no old cleaner for me in my NEW HOUSE..ugh, what I would give to have that old monster back now. I have been thru 4 other cleaners and not a one can hold a candle to "Ole Green" Hang on to your Kirby til the day you die--because it will STILL be running!