Movie Review Monday

After watching it gather dust on our TV stand for about two weeks, we finally popped in Winter's Bone. We rented this one because it was nominated for Oscars and won a lot of Independent Movie awards. We buy into that hype, you know. The main actress, Jennifer Lawrence, has also gotten raves for this role. She is currently attracting a lot of attention because she got cast as the lead in the Hunger Games movies based on the popular books that BFF has read but I have not.
The movie is set in the Ozarks and the gist of the plot is the main girl, Ree, is responsible for her younger brother and sister and her mother. Dad makes crank but has gone missing. The law is after him and if he jumps bond, the family loses their house. Ree sets out to find him and runs into a bunch of unsavory characters along the way. And scene.
I will say that this young woman is an incredible actress. The story was sort of "meh" but the visuals are simply stunning. The actors just look country. Is that the right word? All I could think of were The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Very authentic. The dialogue was great and many scenes were quite realistic and graphic.
I don't know if you're going to miss much if you don't see this one though. Both Husband and I sort of gave it two thumbs down. Maybe it was the buildup of wanting to find a second of time to watch it over the past two weeks. Maybe it was because we were exhausted from moving all weekend. I just don't feel like this movie was worth the time I spent to watch it but I do think Jennifer Lawrence has quite a career ahead of her. She's the only thing that stood out to me.


Andrea said...

Ugh. I really dislike that those White people (heh, white people) are what is viewed as "authentic" for that area of the world. I really do.

Cum bucket!

If you haven't watched Black Swan, don't. It's a 2 hour anxiety attack. I needed a Xanax afterward. And during. And right now while thinking about it.

milk said...

Dude, bless your heart for making the time to watch movies. You are doing god's work, sister.

milk said...

Um, nope that wasn't Milk's comment, that was mine. Coodence's.