Monday Musings

This weekend was super very busy. We did a lot of hanging of pictures and mounting of fixtures. The task list is still quite long but I feel like I could definitely have visitors over and not have to say "Excuse the mess, we're still in the process of moving." Because, really? We're moved. And unpacked. The big tasks that lie before us is the garage and backyard cleanup. We really need to get things organized in order to have another garage sale that spans both days of the weekend. Then after that, we'll probably just trash or donate everything else. Once that is accomplished we can really get settled and start putting things in their final resting places.
On Sunday, I was determined that Casey, Husband and I do something fun that wasn't some sort of obligation. We ended up at the Ventura Harbor where we had a lovely French lunch and spent some time playing on the grass near the boats. A wee girl was walking by that was Casey's size. She was FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD! Wow right? Same exact height and weight as Casey who is 5 months her junior. I was blown away. My kid is huge. He can palm a sippy cup. Crazy.
Before we got the French lunch from Heaven, we tried a couple other spots and I was starving and in a pissy mood. I was totally aware of myself being an anxiety ridden bitch and knew it was because I was hungry and I still couldn't stop myself. I asked Husband what he wanted to do and his response was, "Get food into you as soon as possible." Prozac may not be working otherwise PMS is working overtime.
And that's that. Life is slowly settling down. Gran is recovering from her broken hip. My grandpa will be cremated on Wednesday. Casey's becoming a big boy. My parents are grandparents. My aching back is leading me to believe that I'm becoming middle-aged. But the best thing of all? Having my besty close - SO VERY CLOSE - so very soon.


Coodence said...


Except the aching back part. I'm guessing your back is also aching because of the moving and the carrying of your big son around all over the place.

Lisa..... said...

And, we're old.


Just like that. Remember when it seemed super far away?

Just like your kid being a teenager. And then bam, it happens.

Yay, for owning a home. Watch out busy-ness doesn't suck up too much time.