Mish Mash

Missed Haiku Friday
Don't know how to blog from phone
Need to get with it
Trip was a success
We sure hit the ground running
And haven't stopped since
Grandma broke her hip
Frances went into labor
We shouldn't leave town


Casey is 41 weeks old. It is the 3rd week of his 9th month. Lots of firsts: bus ride, airplane ride, wedding, meeting the cousins and uncles... The list goes on an on. He did great on both flights, never seemed to mind the endless driving and adapted well to sleeping in a different place every night. He fell off the bed for the second time in his life. Normally he doesn't cross the pillow barrier when taking a nap on the bed but he decided to mix it up a little bit and landed on his face. You can see the bumps and scrapes pretty well in this picture. His nose is now a giant scab. Grandma Friday made it all better with an orange popsicle. Thank goodness for Grandmas. The highlight of the trip was watching Casey almost tear up a bible in a Baptist Church. That church is also where he decided to learn how to climb stairs. God help me.

The Good
My niece, Alicia Corrine was born.

The Bad
Coming back from a whirlwind trip to find all my work waiting for me. Gran breaking her hip.

The Ugly
The huge scab on Casey's face.


MORAL OF THAT STORY: I didn't quit my blog. I'm just running late.


Coodence said...

Welcome back, ho!

That falling out of the bed during nap is one of my fears. And why I always lay down to buddy during her nap. So what if I never get anything done because I'm always resting!!

I bet Frances would disagree on you never leaving!! Sounds like it worked.

my word verification is activ. just like you.

April said...

The very first time Ethan rolled over, he rolled right off the bed. I had him in between 2 pillows and he still managed to roll off the bed. I was folding clothes and hanging them up in my closet. I literally turned to hang up some stuff and in a matter of seconds, BAM, baby screaming. I flipped out because he was only like 3 months old. (I don't remember exactly, but it's how ever old they are when they start rolling over) That's some scary shit.

But I gotta say, as much as it's painful for me to see Casey's face all boo-boo'd up, as I'm sure it's painful for him as well, he looks awful cute with a boo-boo on his nose.