The Good
  • Tonight is the last night we have to sleep in the apartment!
  • We had a bunch of rose bushes in front of the house (17 to be exact) and thanks to the "Free" section of craigslist, Salvadore took them all away last night. One less thing for me to do!
  • We have cheap help with his own truck to help Husband move tomorrow.
The Bad
  • I still have to pack up the kitchen and our closets and drawers and I am out of boxes.
  • I think Casey's getting more teeth and he gets all crazy frustrated and bites things like the rail of his crib and the toilet until he cries.
  • The amount of things we still need to sell to clean out the garage but the weather and lack of time has not permitted another yard sale.
The Ugly
  • All the tiny bruises I have acquired from moving and packing.
  • The construction mess that still lingers at the new house.
  • My apartment now that it's mostly empty. I guess I'm only noticing it is ugly now because I have a beautiful new house to move into.

1 comment:

Coodence said...

I like how you snuck a good in the ugly. Half full and all that.