Casey Tuesday

Casey is 43 weeks old today. It's the first week of his tenth month; he'll be 10 months old on Friday. He doesn't know it right now but he's experienced his first death in the family because his great-grandpa died last Friday. It has been a very busy month for Casey. He's living at the second address of his wee lifetime and it just so happens to be our first house. In that house, we decided it was best if he actually used his own room for sleeping. The first night - after moving all day - was too much stimulation for him so there was no putting him in that crib and he ended up sleeping with Mom and Dad. For the past 2 nights, though, he has slept in his crib from around 8 til 5. Saturday night he didn't wake up at all but last night he woke up just after midnight. Both mornings I brought him into bed with me at around 5 so we could sleep a little longer. I have to admit, I definitely sleep better without his tiny feet kicking me all night. Now if I could just do something about Husband's snoring...

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