Casey Tuesday

Casey is 42 weeks old today. It is the 4th week of his 9th month. I can't believe that next week he will be 10 months old. It's simply ridiculous how quickly time flies. My niece was just born and I can't even remember Casey being that small even though she was actually bigger than him when she was born. In development news, Casey has his two front top teeth and two bottom front teeth. He likes to bite my fingers and when I say ouch he laughs. He also can't stop himself from grabbing on to anything available and standing up. I have a feeling he will be walking before he is a year old. Husband and I are convinced he's figured out the difference between "mama" and "dada" and he uses them to sort of get our attention. It's crazy. I don't count that as a first word sort of thing. I'm waiting for him to say something outrageous like Kiyah and then I'll be convinced he's talking. He "sings" in the car now. It's sort of hilarious listening to him experiment with different sounds and volumes. He's my little Starvin' Marvin right now with all the tongue clicking he's doing. I simply can't get enough of my little buddy... I think that has to do with the fact that he follows me from room to room. A little bit of a mommy complex right now and I LOVE IT!


Coodence said...

He's rad.

April said...

You'll have to try to film him singing in the car some time because I'd love to see that! (Of course when your man is driving, I wouldn't want you to try that while driving)