To Do List - Home Makeover Edition

  • Have painters finish up
  • Yard sale to empty garage
  • Lay tile
  • Install new floor board
  • Lay carpet
  • Change doorknobs
  • Change light switches/electrical outlets
  • Install door stoppers
  • Baby proof everything
  • Buy lighting for bedroom, bar and living room
  • Buy window covering for several rooms
  • Buy bathroom hardware
  • Clean the house
  • Pack up
  • Move
  • Clean the apartment
  • Unpack
In the meantime, I'm a single mom 5 out of 7 days a week for the most part. We are going to Michigan for several days. We are running out of money. Scratch that. We are out of money.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Being a homeowner is costly both in time and money.


Coodence said...

Long list, ho!

mactursh, that's my word verification.

fyrchk said...

I feel your pain. My house to-do list was pretty long, too. I'm still working on it. :( They actually know me at Home Depot now.

It'll be worth it to call it your own, though. xoxo