The Good
  • It's Cinco de Mayo so that means 1 week til my birthday!
  • Husband surprised me by coming home a day early!
  • We have no obligations this weekend other than Mother's Day brunch!
The Bad
  • I suppose this is good too but Casey is getting his 2nd tooth and that means a fussy baby who is having a hard time getting a good night's sleep and is taking me down with him.
  • It's my time of the month.
  • I have to go for a blood panel tomorrow but I didn't diet like I said I would so I'm probably gonna get in trouble with my doctor.
The Ugly
  • Our "new house" is still a shambles. Lots of dust and trash to be cleared away.
  • Probably my cholesterol.
  • Carpal Tunnel thanks to Bejeweled Blitz? Maybe.

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