TGTBTU-Birthday Edition

The Good
  • It's my birthday
  • Facebook wishes
  • No line at Starbucks this morning
  • Husband coming home tonight instead of tomorrow
  • The giant Mrs. Fields cookie I'll get later
  • Presents
The Bad
  • 34 sounds old
  • I have to be at work instead of on a toasty beach someplace being massaged by an oily beau hunk whilst sipping on champagne cocktails
The Ugly
  • Being awake with an anxiety attack for no reason at all last night from like 11:45 til 1 a.m. Is it because I'm now a MOTHER and a WIFE and ELDERLY? Haha


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Randi!!!

Now I'm done. :)

April said...

Happy birthday hot momma! (for the 2nd time today)

I'm sorry you had an anxiety attack that kept you awake. My dad would have them in the middle of the night. He said a dream would spark it. I can only imagine how much that sucks for you.

Ang said...

You are not elderly! I am elderly!

April said...

This is weird. I know there were some comments here, mine included, and they're all gone. All of my comments from yesterday are gone. Damn blogger!