DISCLAIMER: I like to keep talking about my birthday even though it's totally over. It's my blog and I can write about whatever I want on it so there!

Husband had to work on my birthday because it was a Thursday. So did I but I convinced him to take Friday off so he could at least be home on Thursday night to give me a birthday kiss before I went to sleep. Also, I took Friday off too so we could work on the house together. It just so happened that on Thursday at noon, my mom was over at the house and noticed there was a leak in the laundry room. She summoned me to shut the water off at the house because she didn't know how but I also had no idea how so I used my womanly wiles and made a few phone calls to my brother and the handyman at my building. By following their sage advice, I was able to shut the water off. Believe you me, this made me feel very manly. I even lifted the metal door off that concrete thing in the front yard where big fat ugly spiders lived and didn't even freak out. I wanted a detachable penis for a moment like this (cue American Idol music).
Of course, I called Husband to brag about how dope I was and let him know of the damage to our wee home that we don't even live in yet are totally responsible for. Then, I went about my business and returned to work to partake in the giant cookie awaiting. About four hours later when I got off work, I called Husband to check and see where he was in respect to being home. He said he was stopped so I assumed that meant he was at his halfway point at the Starbucks in L.A. where he takes his usual break. He asked me if I could check to make sure the water really was shut off because he was freaking out about it.
Let me just say, Husband has neuroses about stuff like this. I was on my way home with the baby for a quick break before we had to hustle to dinner with my family for my birthday festivities. On top of that, I still needed to go to the bank. I didn't much feel like going to the house to check on the damn water that I knew damn well I had shut off. I told Husband I would but really thought about not going and just telling him I did because I am a pain in the ass and frankly so are his neuroses.
Well, it's a good thing I made the stop at the house because as I turned the corner, there was Husband in the driveway waiting for me. I wish I could pretend I played it cool and nonchalantly said "Glad you could make it for dinner, Babe." In real life, I threw the car in neutral and pulled up the parking break, engine still running, baby still inside, ran up the driveway and leaped into his arms for the biggest birthday kiss I could muster. There is nothing better than when Husband is home.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Even though we didn't say so in our vows, I totally "obey" my husband. Sometimes, it's even rewarding.


April said...

Awww! What an awesome surprise. There's nothing better than a good surprise, especially when that surprise is a person you can't wait to see. Gold star for Hubby!

Was the water shut off?

Sassy said...

Nice! :)

Happy Birthday again!