Going The Distance

I have had this movie sitting on my shelf from Netflix for going on three weeks now. All I wanted for Mother's Day was to be able to watch it. Rom-Coms are pretty much only acceptable to me when they involve some grown-up humor or Drew Barrymore. God I love me some Drew. And after watching this I totally want her and Justin Long back together in real life. Their chemistry is palpable and they are both just sofa king cute. This is a fun story about two New Yorkers who fall in love in the six-weeks before she has to leave for California for school. They try to have a long-distance relationship across country and of course there is a happily ever after. I really want to watch this movie over and over again. I laughed quite a bit. Christina Applegate should do more comedies. She's fantastic as Drew's sister. Long's buddies are a couple of foul-mouthed loser types and they were hysterical. Plus it was set in New York and San Francisco - two of my most favorite places. Even Husband enjoyed this one because it wasn't cheesy and it just seemed real. The dialogue is very adult and so are the scenarios. I give this one two thumbs up.

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