Casey Tuesday

Casey is 40 weeks old today and it is the 2nd week of his 9th month. I'm pretty sure he understands Spanish better than English so I have been speaking to him in Spanish a lot more lately. I used to babysit for a rabbi and he would only speak Hebrew and the wife would only speak English to get the kids used to two languages. I just think he listens to Maria better than he listens to me so Spanish it is. She's convinced he says agua when he's thirsty and I've heard him make that very sound so who knows. My little blanco baby.
His top two teeth are coming in and the two on the bottom are very visible. And sharp. Sharp enough so that he can now eat Pepperidge Farms Goldfish crackers. On Sunday, we went to a party with 2-year old twins, a five-month old, an almost 2-year old and a little girl born 5 hours before Casey. He seems to be quite a bit more advanced than she was on many levels. All the other mommies and daddies seemed very impressed with how much grown-up food Casey was eating and how quickly he could get around crawling. I had to admit, that felt good. I felt like a proud mama. Plus, having not really been around other babies much, he really got along well with all of them. I can't wait for more gatherings like that. Super cute.
Not super cute? Last night Kiyah barked at Casey as he was crawling toward her. He was about 6 inches away and she yapped at him. He sat back and got a sad face because his friend was mad at him. I swear to the Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior if that dog ever touches my son with her teeth, she will die by my hand. Amen.


Coodence said...

Yay! That's cute, dude. Not the dog part. That's fucked up.

April said...

Don't you just love it when your baby is smarter than other babies? I know it's a little vein, but fuck it, let's keep it real. It's fucking awesome! Because I'll tell you what, it sucks balls having the baby who isn't as smart as the others. Not that I would know or anything. =)

Did Kiyah just bark at Casey or did she snip at him too? That shit would have me very worried if she snipped at him. Barking? Not so much. It could just be that Kiyah wasn't in the mood to play and was letting Casey know. But, you were there so you saw how her demeanor was. And yeah, the dog would have to go. As much as I love dogs, you have to protect your baby.