Casey Tuesday

Casey is 38 weeks old today and it is the 4th week of his 8th month. The gigantic milestone for this post is him finally crawling on my birthday last Thursday. We put him on the floor like we usually do after we got home from dinner and the next thing you know he was on his hands and knees and moving across the living room. Husband said, "So he crawls now?" to which I replied "It seems that way." Very cool of him to give me a present on my birthday. Now that he crawls, he wants nothing more than to be in our dog's business. Kiyah doesn't know what to do with him so she usually resorts to obsessive licking and retreating to her bed. This can only get more interesting. Apparently crawling also wears him the eff out because last night he was sleeping so soundly I actually resorted to poking him to reassure myself he was still alive.
I don't know if I mentioned this last post but he loves his penis now. It's the best thing ever especially during diaper changes. His hand immediately makes a beeline to his weenie and he smiles and pulls on it and it's just the best thing since sliced bread. This morning, I was running pretty late for work so naturally Casey decided it was time to poop. I figure it will be like the usual rock hard turds of late but no. It's everywhere, perhaps the result of his first encounter with mac and cheese out of the blue box? Naturally, it's covering his manhood as well but Casey doesn't mind. Down goes the hand immediately, right onto the poopy penis. Good times. I think I went through no less than a dozen wipies and naturally that is the very moment we run out of Diaper Genie bags. I am READY for what today will throw my way!


Coodence said...

He's such a cutie!!

Do you like that blue box max and cheese? We always eat the Annie's, I haven't had the blue box in 15 years!

April said...

YAY! What a great present for you on your bday.

Poopie penis is the worst.

Blue box mac and cheese is all the rave in my house. I make it extra creamy with more fatty butter, but it's so worth it.