Casey Tuesday

Casey is 36 weeks old today and it is the 2nd week of his 8th month. He is non-stop now. In order to get him to take a nap, he must be surrounded by pillows and restrained, then lulled to sleep by a repetitive chanting of the ABC song. All he wants to do is move and babble. He has definitely found his volume and makes frequent use of it. If there is anything within his grasp that he shouldn't have, you can bet money that his hand will find it even though his eyes are not looking at it. He has mastered the innocent face but behind those eyes it's all naughty thoughts. He knows how to make a pfft sound with his mouth and put that skill to use on my tummy this morning. That was a sight. Right now his great uncle Bubbo is visiting from Germany. Last time Bubbo saw Casey was two weeks after he was born. It's funny to watch Casey figure out how he feels about Bubbo. It takes him quite a while to warm up and mostly he just stares at Bubbo like he's wondering who on earth he is and how strange he must be. By the end of the visit, Bub has managed to get a few smiles and a giggle but those rewards are not easily come by.


Nancy gurl said...

I LOVED this post!

hotdrwife said...

Very sweet.
And honestly, your child ... he is too smoochie for words! If we lived closer, I would have kissed his face off by now, fyi.