9 Months Old!

Casey is 39 weeks old today and it is the 1st week of his 9th month. I think it's super neat that he's 9 months old on Casey Tuesday. Born on a Tuesday, too. He's crawling and moving all the time now. He seems to know exactly where he shouldn't be and heads there with such determination it is astounding. Also, the separation anxiety has begun. If I leave the room for a second he either crawls after me like a crazy person or starts crying real tears. Lately he's begun to loathe the bottle. He eats like a horse when it comes to "real food" though. He loves macaroni and cheese and graham crackers... or really just anything I'm eating. I was surprised yesterday when I gave him some of my red beans and rice because it was a little bit spicy but he ate it up! Getting ready in the morning used to be a breeze because I'd just sit him in his crib and he'd play quietly. Now he stands up, holding the rails, and just cries out for me the entire time. Either that or he beats the hell out of the mini blinds. He has also learned this Grecian wrestling roll that severely inhibits my ability to put a diaper on him. The diaper change for him is the equivalent of a torture chamber apparently. It upset him so much last night that he bit down on whatever toy he had and ripped at it like a bulldog until he was inconsolably crying. It was a sight. Casey also attended his first Strawberry Festival over the weekend. Strollers + Crowded Festival + Baby who can't sit still = Nonsense. It definitely made me rethink taking him to his 1st Dodger Game and it most certainly has me ruing the 1st 5-hour flight to Michigan which is creeping up like a cheap pair of panties.

LAST MINUTE EDIT: Here are his JC Penney portraits. Proceed with caution.


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9 months of absolute cuteness overload.
I flew 5 hours with Mason at 9 months..it wasn't too bad :) You'll survive.