127 Hours

After about two weeks of sitting near my DVD player, 127 Hours finally made it in yesterday. It's hard to do Netflix when you've developed an addiction for Breaking Bad and your DVR is full of episodes you need to catch up on. The thing those two have in common is a desert setting and that's about it. The TV show and the movie, that is. Man. Mondays are hard.
Anyway, this is the movie where the dude cuts his arm off. I was interested in seeing it because it's one dude trapped in a crevice for 5 days, how were they going to make it a movie? Well they did. Mostly it is James Franco trying to pry his arm loose from a huge boulder and hallucinating, day dreaming, and reminiscing all the while. Danny Boyle is not afraid to make a gritty movie and if you've seen Trainspotting or Slumdog Millionaire, you will see a lot of the same shocking cinematography. It's like it's a music video turned feature length film and chances are good you will encounter some bodily fluids or excretions.
I don't know if I loved this movie but it was definitely worth a watch. The idea that this is a true event that actually happened to someone is a trip. Imagine being your most exhausted, your most tired, or your most in pain. That's NOTHING. The human body can handle and survive so much more! Incredible. Too bad I can't really see James Franco as anyone but James Franco. Or maybe James Dean.