What A Week!

So... wow! Lots of money being spent on my nearly 8-year old Vehicular right now. Between the repairs and new tires I think total we've surpassed $2,000. I should have probably just traded her in and started with a new car but I didn't. Oh well. Maybe she'll last another 16 years and she can be Casey's first car, all vintage and whatnot.
I've been sort of stressing about money lately. Between the car and moving and repairs that need to be done on our apartment and renovations that will need to be done on the new place before we move in, I'm a bit overwhelmed. We went shopping for carpet for the first time in my life and that was crazy. I definitely am not used to needing to buy things that cost thousands of dollars. It's sort of new to me. Now I have to do things like get measurements and estimates and order in a timely manner and whatnot.
I'm also taking a loan out of my 401K and trying to transfer my old retirement fund into my current one so that has meant lots of forms and phone calls and time. It sort of feels like I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul. I've borrowed a bit here, charged a bit there and am hoping it all sort of comes out in the wash by the end of the year.
We've had the in-laws staying with us in our 2-bedroom apartment since Friday night of last week and it's getting a little cramped now. They're delightfully wonderful people and I love them but 5 of us in a small spot starts to get a little too cozy come the end of a week-long visit. To top that off, Casey fell off the bed this morning. Our bed is pretty high. It had to have been a good 3 foot fall. There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing your child thud to the ground. I think he may have hit his cheek and there's a wee bruise there now. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a shiner. It's bad enough I was the one on watch when the boy fell but to have his grandparents in the next room to hear it all go down is no less than shameful.
Thank God it's the hump day and we're halfway through this week because mama can't take no more.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: When it rains, it pours.

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Sucks, ho.

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