The Good
Car repairs are behind me and Vehicular has new shoes; both seem to make her run smoother. We had a nice, week-long visit with the in-laws that ends today. Tomorrow is the end of this week of horrors. The ball to get my 401k rolled over and my loan processed is rolling. My folks leave for a 2-week vacation on Saturday.

The Bad
If congress can't decide on this budget, Husband (who is employed by the gubment) can't go back to work and won't get paid. The price of gas doesn't seem to be getting any lower and he's got one helluva commute. Both of these things sort of equal poverty for us. Also, with my folks gone I get the added fun of being responsible for moving Gran into her new digs and essentially for Gran in general.

The Ugly
The bruise on Casey's cheek that looks like a tear-stain and is a constant reminder that I dropped him. Ugh. I know it's the first of many boo-boos but I keep replaying that sound and those tears and it's killing me softly.

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