Movie Review Monday

This weekend we watched The Fighter. I went into this movie thinking it would be all about boxing but it really has more to do with family. Mark Wahlberg is Micky who is trained by his older brother, Dicky. Dicky knocked down Sugar Ray Leonard in his heyday and was the pride of his town until he turned into a crack addict. Micky is also managed by his mother, Alice, who is a big-haired, chain-smoking, Bongo-wearing mess. The 90s fashion in this movie will make you hang your head in shame if you ever wore a body suit or a white denim mini. Amy Adams, currently my most favorite actress ever, plays Micky's girlfriend and she is as tough as nails yet a classy broad. And you should see Micky's seven sisters - WOWZA. All in all, I really liked this movie a lot. It was dark and gritty yet I laughed quite a bit because it maintained a sense of humor. There is no denying Christian Bale deserved the supporting actor award; he is so incredibly immersed in his character you forget he is a Brit (or Batman for that matter). And as loathe as I am to admit it, I think Marky Mark can officially put his Funky Bunch days behind him and be proud of his reinvention as a pretty great actor who makes pretty great choices in movie roles.


Coodence said...

Sounds great!


Andrea said...

Netflix keeps teasing me with this movie. It's next on my queue. Right now it says "long wait." It always says that. Until I have a movie here. So, I watch that movie really quick, like I just did, then I go to look at my queue and it says "Long wait" again.

Fighter tease!