Casey Tuesday

Casey is 35 weeks old today and it's the 1st week of his 8th month. He turned 8 months old on Easter Sunday so we took his JC Penney's portraits with bunny ears on. Those pictures are deadly. You have been warned. This morning I felt the beginnings of his first tooth. It is just a tiny, sharp point on his front, lower, center gum line. He doesn't mind if I rub my finger on it but if I try to pull his lip back and move his tongue to actually try to see it he sort of loses his shit. I figured something was bound to happen soon because his tongue has been constantly flickering in and out of his mouth like a tiny lizard. My little boy is growing up.


April said...

You were right. My heart melted and now I'm dead from looking at the pictures. I really like the one with the bunny ears, in the box, with him looking up at the camera. Too damn cute!!!

Teething sucks. May the force be with you.

Coodence said...

He's so cute!! I love the photos.