Casey Tuesday

Casey is 34 weeks old today. It is the last week of his 7th month. He pooped 4 times yesterday. He also got to meet Crusty for the first time. He's doing a trick (click for video) now where every time he takes a bite of his food he does what my nephew used to do and I called that the vampire monkey face. He scrunches up his face and inhales and exhales out of his nose. It's sort of hilarious and he does it all the time. He also does a lot of mean mugging and sort of looks like Popeye because he squints his eyes in a silly way. Casey is also becoming quite the mama's boy. He isn't a big fan of being held by other people when I am in the room. If he's left alone in his crib he grabs the railings and can pull himself up to his knees; time to drop the bottom down I guess. We have hundreds of dollars worth of toys lying around but he loves an empty box or a plastic jar full of pennies (or really anything he can bang and make noise with). He's really having fun with new sounds and blowing. It's neat when you figure out all the things you can do with your mouth. That's what she said?

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