Casey Tuesday

Casey is 33 weeks old today. It's the third week of his seventh month. He's enjoying bananas, watermelon and cantaloupe along with his pureed veggies and baby cereal now. We also feed him a little bit of what we are eating to keep him from staring at us all through our meal like a starving dog. His newest trick (click for video) is holding on to my outstretched legs and walking back and forth. He's definitely getting the idea that when he holds his arms out when he wants to be picked up, I will most likely do it. He rolls over and over and over but will not crawl regardless of how much Husband and I entice him with baby talk, toys and overall enthusiasm.
Because he is getting big and mobile, co-sleeping is no longer working out for us. Husband has been rolling over on Casey's arm and pinning him and there just isn't enough room for the three of us in a California King. I'm sorry, what? Anyway, last night I started crib training and it went pretty well. I put him in the crib while he was still awake and talked with Husband on the phone while I laid in the bed next to Casey's crib. That way, he knew I was there so it made it easier for him to fall asleep on his own without any singing or snuggling. He woke up twice at different times of the night, sort of whimpering, so I just said it was ok and he went back to sleep on his own. I didn't get up to soothe him. Then at 4 a.m. he dropped his chupie through the slits of the crib onto the floor so I just put him in bed with me until he woke me up for good at 6. Not too shabby. I'm going to keep doing this until Friday and then move back into my own room and Casey will have his own room. We'll see how it goes.


Sassy said...

Screw crawling..that kid is going to walk soon! He's got it under control!
Love the new trick..super cute! :)

Good luck with the crib training. Not that you asked for any advice, cuz you have it under control, but my friend used to put several (what did you call them?!) chupies in the crib incase her daughter lost one. She would feel around and get another.

hotdrwife said...

Bug never really crawled. He did this backwards head scooting thing and then about 9 months, started walking and never stopped.

And fingers crossed the crib stuff works without any hitches! :)

April said...

AWWWWW! Look at that cute, nekkid baby! Make my heart melt! So f'ing cute.

I've posted this on your FB, so you know already, but Ethan slept with me until he was 2. That was only because I was a single mom and I wanted him to sleep with me. It really had nothing to do with him not being able to sleep on his own. I did try putting him in his crib once. When he woke up, he didn't make any noises, therefore I didn't wake up. That bugger managed to climb out of his crib, crawl to my purse and go through everything in it. I don't know exactly what he ate or how much of it, but I do know that he ate some stuff.

After that he never slept in his crib again. He was just a happy baby and didn't wake up crying. At least when he slept with me he would wake me up.

I thought I would have problems with him sleeping in his own bed when he was 2, but he did it just fine. Of course there was the occasional bad dream night when he would come and climb into bed with me. But that wasn't every night or even every week.

To be honest, when my ex and I split up, I would sleep (not that stupid co-sleeping word) with Ethan because I don't like sleeping alone. It's just sharing a bed.

Anyway, I hope you can get him to sleep in his own bed like a big boy. =)

Christine said...

He loves being naked, just like his mama! xoxo